Theatre review – Evita – Princess Theatre Torquay

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Evita – Princess Theatre Torquay, until Saturday 17th March

40 years after its London debut, Bill Kenwright and Bob Thomson’s touring rendition of Rice and Webbers unlikely classic Evita comes to Torquay.

The story of Maria Eva Duarte, the small town girl full of wanton ambition to make it big in Buenos Aires. And boy does she succeed, becoming Argentina’s first lady between 1946 and 1952, sadly then succumbing to cancer at the age of 33.

With Webber’s score of classics and Rice’s smart lyrics moving the story along at a pace. The stage is owned by the slight figure but huge vocal presence of Madalena Alberto as Eva. Holding the story together is Che – a narratorial role – played by Italian heart throb Gian Marco Schiaretti, another highly appealing vocal talent. Che’s role as revolutionary is to temper one’s adoration for Eva, pointing out dubious methods employed in her social climbing as well as her husbands political difficulties and the ‘disappearing’ of his rivals…

Put the story aside and go along with the emotion the music brings – from the classics that made Elaine Paige a household name, to the tenderness of  Eva’s dying lament and softy sung epitaph we reach the sombre and understated conclusion.

The supporting cast are excellent and the gaggling group of socialites disapproving of Eva’s self-proclaimed status are a highlight.

Definitely a must-see piece of highly professional theatre in the Bay!

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