Theatre review – The Woman In Black – Princess Theatre Torquay

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Theatre review – The Woman In Black – Princess Theatre Torquay

The stage adaptation of Susan Hill’s acclaimed ghost story opened at the Princess Theatre Torquay last night.









2 actors, 1 wicker basket, 2 chairs and a coat rack. Never before were so many scared by so few!

Widowed lawyer Arthur Kipps takes his own ghost story to the stage to exorcise the demons that have plagued him for 30 years. He hires an actor to relate the tale to a planned audience of his family. As the audience, we are voyeurs of this rehearsal, which is taking place in a spooky empty theatre. The actors walk through the auditorium, including the spectre herself making us feel very much part of the proceedings. The actors settle into their roles and as the plot unfolds we’re treated to creepy effects that have our imaginations running wild – and they must, as the set is so minimal, we envisage a horse and cart and a dog, amongst other things. The power of suggestion is so strong that the occasional sharp screech or clatter and brief glimpse of the dark spectral lady have us jumping out of our seats!

The lights are dim throughout and plenty of fog rolls from the stage as the production reaches it’s eerie conclusion and the actor descends into madness.

The roles are superbly played by David Acton (Arthur Kipps) and Matthew Spence (The Actor) and the show, now in its 30th year, is testament to the enduring power of theatre over film and television. The Woman in Black is arguably one of the greatest ghost stories ever to be written, and this theatre adaptation is a truly scary treat for all ages!


On until Saturday 4 March, matinees Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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